Jeff Vandermeer's Borne | Cover Illustration

Once again I make my way in Jeff Vandermeer’s mind, trying to explain what I saw in his powerful, mind bending words. Once again, thanks to Monica Aldi, Viviana Gottardello and Francesco Guglieri for choosing me: it was such a fun project to work on!

Jeff Vandermeer’s Borne will be published in Italy by Giulio Einaudi Editore.

The final cover illustration will be printed in two physical layers: a transparent one with typography assets and the cyan circle while everything else is printed on a traditional hardcover print.

I made this drawing starting with an ink and graphite underpainting on 46 x 61 cm 310 GSM hot pressed / satin Arches paper. You can buy this drawing in my online store.

Then I colored it digitally. Here is a making of gallery.

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